Grill & Chicken Dishes

From the Grill

Liver & Onions $16.95
Served with Fried Onions or Bacon

Chopped Sirloin $16.95
(Hamburger Steak) Tender Meat Covered with Fried Onions & Gravy

Veal Cutlet $16.95
Lean Breaded Veal Covered with Homemade Gravy

Pork Chops $16.95
Charbroiled Pork Chops Served with Fresh Applesauce

Hot Hamburger $16.95

Hot Turkey $16.95

Hot Beef $16.95

Chicken Dishes

Chicken in a Basket $16.95
3 Pieces of Deep Fried Chicken with Fries

Chicken Finger Platter $15.25
Tender Pieces of Breaded Chicken Breast

Chicken Kiev $16.95
Chicken Breast Stuffed with Garlic Butter & Chives

Chicken Cordon Swiss $16.95
Chicken Breast Stuffed with Ham & Swiss Cheese

All plates served with steamed veggies and your choice of potatoes

$2.00 substitute potatoes for salad

More Menu Options

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